from Dang Me

Bruce Andrews


A rumble with complacency, a bestiality beyond barking squash pro
clivity cherry — stupendous infraction. A disassembled kissing shame as
pick-me-up — martial doggone awful pesto pindrop powwow debutarts
tighten up your resume sphincter living for a better suicide.
      Peter expressive poptop tutors sizing lambing mutants' code of
silence; hit me for monkey smack freak. Maudlin in lab rat out your
relatives, superego-abrogated pre-amp fit prize prissy quickset scold.
When you do inch your regret as a sissy massage your willpower con
ceited whip always offended by the (mostly guys') encoding of arcane
sports lore (mostly baseball) in their poems. Vivisectional sofas senti
mental with regard to length of neck. Are you: related to anyone who
was subject to a famous autopsy? The insouciant schizo wants a biscuit.
      No, dirt aliens: don't waste good mascara, fiber gives you confi
dence. Spin doctors vs. gravity, do you spandex wooden leg plus spaz
hemp tempi seize the fey crawlspatiality creatures peel off Barbie pro
tons slobber the manual seedling wrapped in human skin. Happy puppy
preconscious vouchers don't brownnose your pal's girlfriend, a swagger
unanointed affect in its gob phase. Automated preparation H — a non-
goosing, a midriff melody — stir the rack up ... mere child has her
      Orphan floodlit self-injury as a nurse stalking technique. Doll,
pucker up. Behaving goosestep pedo-foo-foo bambi freezer, corsage
murk inept debby queer hurt eyebrows could tell idle hands make the
best poison.
       The gotcha with spongy, heart-shaped puddling effect — robots
grading too easy on the verification procedures. You, as in warning
erotic silo squeeze tutorial, the pliable rubbable huggable bra rat. Swal-
lowing makes you thirsty to like bugspray = siblings in burnbag. Ego
gets rich yeah sudden substud dodderism, a self-reeducation camp
award ceremony expels me. Your diamonds stay alert & even the selfless
get jealous. Cheetah change, extrapodiatrical; bon vivant give & take de
in the flesh. When do the slutty prefer to think of your apartment as
a graveyard so live an endless summer . . . not that anything much


      Ringing anthemic lies — unpack sizzle thumping hammer sparks as
fun stuff & slip it off Collective butcher shop projections festoon on
your desk, truly uneventful habitat disinclined to be contritionally
restored. Motive bodega bjork hole portishead squirt at the squint —
don't make me big sarcastic forbearance skirting the turkeybeat. Hus-
band admits to rental nimbus slutted on history. Mumble the surviving,
translate the howdy — promotion got me perpetual perjury machine,
narcotic-oblivious piglets in open court. Frighten the blouse pulp over-
bite, party-favored pocket disasterdom pseudo-enacters enjoy.
      All the squeeze play in the world sideshow is busy soft whoops your
wampum versa vice, both barrels. Videotic fuss only surveil guys veer
toward peewee talent as splay flab out of stir: which part of speech
heckled you? Fluoridating the acoustics, a smash cast mega telekineme
— magma performative dinosaur bits just as effortless.
      Rabid wishers pick & choose plural munch to auto-patrol their
assurances. Stun such spellbund. Talk gives up a greasier monitoring:
mega-playgrounds & meta-playgrounds, preposterous polyappropri-
aters — didn't we —just carefree — couldn't we — training. Learn
alienation; anger gets sorry — crankhead uplift little problem. Old
Vernacular Home, a heavily insured exhalation butters your coffee.
CRUCIAL: Let more shit roll off our backs.
      We don't have ancestors, we have creditors. Yaknowwhatl'msayin'.
What I want is a tiny wireless clip-on digital microphone with a remote
firewire connection to Voice Recognition software (with near-perfect
success in producing text — better than the current OCR software on
scanners) onto my desktop — as if any extended syntactical effort gen-
erated an overstrong whiff of surrealism. The fuzzies are gone; lick me
some nash. Vernacular nosedive stuff is inducted dandy then verisimil-
itude, your examples wearing hippie fringe. Venereal industriousness to
target inculcation privilege, ironic serial killing science for backpackers'
manichean mook pompous scare gonna fm-de-siecle it.
      Don't be first person phobic savaged by the unattainable. Keep your
machines fit to obsolesce ideologue doggedness — predicantored ball-
room chamois chicanery spelunking scratchier sops nanodiscourse to
become stealth fantasy. The blood wants to be on a uniform a condom
can misapprehend.


      Let's erase your purpose: policy geek-ozoa, lock 'n' rote a limbo chi
chingaling — menial leisure, thumpy leech. A taste's club of social
democracy pretenders, one little posse cognitively refried monads of
fire, handsomer in handcuffs, to give birth to = to push drugs on.
Pixie prexie squeezing the getters — could we have a half boldface —
tortoisey vanguard vacillate caricature pork rezips flack-jacketed day-
dreams' curare in redeemer's neck self-stabilizing class relations.
      Nice force! — so much more to life than political incorrectness
whiffing off your armistice. No more boning it alone cohabit purple
rain crackfest presence takes a crack at race — do I get the replaceable
skill sets? Aristotelos shiny waste polizei fast fiihrered pork shock gobble
gobble fun slots rearranged, giblets of empire chilling integer edges —
you need prehab in qualcom flips. Failing collective efficacy, we tend to
our individual careers; failing in our careers, we tend to our individual
leisure pasttimes — powdery, in kit form. Victory greed to endrool,
lizardskinny dot com minus visa moors catty demon lamb dumbo
praxis broke up productively. Satanic civil rights — kiss your placebo
goodbye! Families that get high together got promoted from Veterans
Day to Memorial Day, just by dying: ever more restless sublime forever
works off its particle. One long procession of cherrytops designing a
vacancy, war-mongerer's phones are down. I highlight the decade,
clicked delete & it just goes away. This politics of memory, pretty easy —
all those historically mediated diapers take the Tory out of "impro-
      Slant fit deep-pocketed triage, reversible killjoy kiss-off or kick-back
dissonant and/or untuned pseudo-outreach backdrop to mammon
tourniquet debut. MONEY WILD — WORLD PERKS, they don't
expire. Riot on credit, the smear rehabitates past Presidents all com-
muning around the ritual pipe the Formerly Free World will agitate
for cash. We can't oversize blowbacks: think of the Third World as a
Fundraiser. Municipality interrumptus, bubbly supply-siders yelling
into a lonely beaker you recover from . . . serial murder & move to the
suburbs. No lifestyle means no condom, puke for our touch. Restove
theprexgoo hunch wolf ceiling why oath boomboom mounties rejazz
      How much do you really want to denigrate the scope & depth of
knowledge (not just data — i.e., unmanaged information) held by fans
of pop stuff you don't care for (bands, stars, sports, etc.). Blood well-
behaved bozo corporation — any skinny tie'll do. Blackmail, request
backup. All you need is wingtips like you mean business — time as a
knee offering, a transference anti-colloidal health, that circus trick.
Metacorporate morphine scruples made from the sugar cubes of
Scrooge McDuck diving into the swimming pool full of paper money.
Treat me as well as your pets.